Pakistan vs Zimbabwe - 2nd T20, Lahore

10:00, 24 May 2015

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Do you think other countries will tour Pakistan after Zimbabwe?
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Exclusive Interviews

"I wanted to be like Imran Khan the cricketer" : Shaan Shahid

Known for his forthright views and his ...

"There is no problem with my discipline or attitude" : Umar Akmal

A string of low scores in the ...

"Zimbabwe will put up a good show in Pakistan" : Kyle Jarvis

Kyle Jarvis, the former Zimbabwe fast bowler, ...

"PCB should be run by former cricketers and not journalists or diplomats" : Javed Miandad

Former Pakistan captain and a man known ...

"There is no place to hide in South African cricket" : Alviro Petersen

Alviro Petersen retired from international cricket following ...

"Pakistan was very lucky to have Wasim and Waqar opening the bowling for them" : Phillip DeFreitas

Phil DeFreitas played county cricket for Leicestershire, Lancashire and ...

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"I wanted to be like Imran Khan the cricketer" : Shaan Shahid

Known for his forthright views and his patriotism, the forty-four year old actor/model/director/writer Shaan Shahid, has around 500 ...

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"There is no problem with my discipline or attitude" : Umar Akmal

A string of low scores in the 2015 World Cup and also some accusations regarding his attitude saw ...

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Cricket comes home at last

The arrival of the Zimbabwe team has created a buzz in the city of Lahore which aims to wipe out the painful memories of the tragic incidents of 2009.

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"Misbah should have played one-day internationals for another year" : Mohsin Khan

Former Pakistan player and ex Head Coach of the Pakistan team, Mohsin Khan spoke exclusively to and discussed the outcome of the series against Bangladesh, Waqar Younis’ role as Head Coach, the need for having Misbah-ul-Haq in the ODI and Test ...

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Syed Faraz Ali

Batsman Ali was selected for the U19 World Cup after impressing selectors with his technique. He made his debut for the Pakistan U19 side against Zimbabwe in October 2007....

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Rahat Ali

Born in Multan, Rahat Ali is an upcoming left arm fast bowling prospect for Pakistan after his performances have turned a few heads at the domestic level....

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Asad Shafiq

Asad Shafiq, is a top order right handed batsman who hails from Karachi. Shafiq is another Pakistani who is a product of Pakistan’s tape ball circuit. He made his first class debut in 2007 where he scored a century in his first match against Hyderabad. ...

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Shoaib Akhtar

An Enigma – possibly one of the more politer ways to describe Shoaib Akhtar, the ‘Rawalpindi Express’. On his day, a ferocious express bowler, capable of blowing away batting line ups with 100mph deliveries....

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Saad Ali

Saad Ali, having only played a handful of matches at the Pakistan Under-19 level, has managed a couple of notable innings....

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Saeed Ajmal

Unlike the great Pakistani spinners of yesteryear who were given a chance to play within a couple of years of their first class debut, Saeed Ajmal had to spend more than a dozen years in first class cricket before getting a call to play for Pakistan. ...

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Abdur Rehman

Abdur Rehman has proved himself to be one of the best left arm spinners in world cricket, and has really cemented his place in the Pakistan test team. The highlight of his career has to be his role in the 3-0 demolition of England in UAE....

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