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In our 13th year of existence, is proud to maintain it's position as the standard bearer for excellence.

June 11th 2012

In our 13th year of existence, is proud to maintain it's position as the standard bearer for excellence.

First and foremost, we remain as the Number ONE voice of Pakistani fans – a channel for communication between Pakistan’s cricket stars, the Pakistan Cricket Board , PCB Chairman and the ordinary fan. That is something not many organizations, whether based in the 'mainstream' media or online, can confidently claim. 

We also conduct exclusive interviews with top cricketing personalities across a broad spectrum of cricketing influence, including Hanif Mohammed, Mushtaq Mohammed, Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Michael Holding, Geoffrey Boycott, Saeed Ajmal, Sohail Abbas, Asif Iqbal, Aamir Sohail, Aleem Dar and many others. As many of those who are involved in the field of journalism will testify, these personalities do not lend their names to a media organisation unless they are convinced of the quality of the readership. They trust PakPassion and the results are there for all to see. 

In a world of gotcha reporting, even the players who are known to shy away from the media frequently speak to us. This reputation isn't built on hearsay or insinuations, but through a proven track record of honest reporting, which is the specific feedback we receive from players and officials with whom we have conducted interviews. Some of the largest media organisations around the world quote us on a regular basis, and this trust is built through a desire for perfection and maintenance of credibility that many of the local media from Pakistan do not have or pay scant attention to.

For others, our output is irrelevant to their operation. It is, therefore, no surprise that some in the so called “mainstream” media are doing all they can to undermine our credibility – we have been made aware of instances in which a few have even approached the PCB and requested they deny us access to players and officials for interviews. Alhamdolillah, our reputation and relationship with the PCB ensures that all such attempts to ostracise us are met with the scorn it deserves. For that, we are grateful to the officials of the Pakistan Cricket Board who recognise us as a force for good and defend to the hilt our right to gather information on equal terms with others. 

In many communications to us, the PCB have expressed their satisfaction with our efforts to create a connection between ordinary fans and the players. They have appreciated initiatives from PakPassion to provide feedback on design of team kits, as well as feeding back comments of fans on issues such as recommendations on the improvement of the quality and format of major domestic tournaments. Recently we have been requested by the Chairman of the PCB to collate ideas and suggestions from our membership. 

The achievements outlined above haven't appeared overnight. It is based upon the belief placed in our abilities by our members which is derived from the integrity of the people who run this website. It has been said Twitter is gossip for the masses masquerading as discussion. The real cricket debates takes place on our forums, not in 140 characters. We ensure an amicable atmosphere is maintained for our wonderful members. PakPassion will fiercely protect this, and make no apologies for doing so.

The staff of are all volunteers and belong to a variety of ethnic groups- regional bias in our organisation, whether it be the forums or within the staff, is not tolerated and actively monitored. The administrators invest significant time and personal financial resources to ensure that we repay the faith of our members. In the busy world we live in, this is no mean feat and requires dedication for which we are thankful to all of our staff members past and present. There are exceptions, especially in any organization of our type where the premise of appointments to moderation or administration is based largely upon trust. 

We have been disappointed by the lack of honesty of some and such people have no role to play at PakPassion. These are the individuals who have made it their life mission to undermine PakPassion, consumed not by their love of cricket but instead united by their hateful obsession for our site.

We understand their sinister motives, but equally feel their efforts would be better employed in constructive activity such as working towards betterment of Pakistani cricket. Our commiserations to them and we hope they will see the light one day. In the meantime, PakPassion will continue its mission of being the best in its field.

Other individuals, frustrated by their lack of importance on the world stage, are in the process of sowing seeds of doubts in whatever limited platforms they have. The types of allegations range from the absurd, to positively libellous issues pertaining to our enmity with players or to aiding and abetting match fixing!

Specifically, we are told that PakPassion has a personal grudge against Shahid Afridi and allow posting of negative comments about him. What these people do not realize is that PakPassion has nearly 60,000 members, each of them with differing views on any given subject. We allow them a platform to express their views within bounds of civility. Its called free speech – a novel concept for some but that’s why quality members keep on coming back every day to PakPassion! 

Another absurd claim is our relationship with the Majeed Brothers. PakPassion, it is said by our fine friends, allowed them a platform to express their views. However, when someone helps us communicate questions from ordinary fans to Pakistani players - instead of making false promises as some have - we accepted that offer gladly! Our ultimate aim, as always, is to provide fans access to players. 

This is all we did when we provided a blog for Majeed, and we did the same for Afridi’s agents. Obviously we would not have, with the benefit of hindsight. At that point in time, the Majeeds were as trustworthy agents of any other player and we concentrated on our job of acting as conduit between fans and players instead of playing Inspector Clouseau! 

As for allowing any hidden accounts for Mazhar Majeed, the fact is that people making such accusations were themselves caught having more than one account! Its up to the relevant individuals to reveal of their own volition as we are bound by laws of privacy to not disclose such accounts, assuming we are aware of multiple accounts in the first place. All of this probably sounds irrelevant to many readers but we have to accept that there are paranoid and insecure individuals out there who obsessively regurgitate such fallacies on daily basis! 

The fact is that the points raised above are just some of the types of tactics being used by some to undermine our work. The real issue isn’t the nature of the claims, but the sinister motives behind them. Unfortunately, in our part of the world, it is very common to discredit anyone doing good to enhance one’s own reputation, that too with religion thrown in for good measure! What these people don’t realize is that it’s the solid foundation of trust and honesty that PakPassion is built upon which is their worst enemy.

PakPassion has been here for more than a decade and we are here for the long term. Our reputation is built upon the loyalty of our members and the honesty and hard work of our staff. We will continue to do what we do best – provide excellent source of quality information on cricket to our forums as well as act as agents of positive change for Pakistani cricket. Our detractors in the meantime will wallow in their own hate. To each their own.