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Forthcoming Domestic Cricket Fixtures

Forthcoming Domestic Cricket For Pakistan





Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Gold 2014-2015 (Sponsored by Haier)


Dates Matches Venue
12-15 Oct Karachi Dolphins-Port Qasim National Stadium Karachi
  Multan Tigers-SNGPL Multan Cricket Stadium Multan
  Peshawar Panthers-NBP Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar
  Lahore Lions-WAPDA Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  Islamabad Leopards-ZTBL Diamond  Ground Islamabad
  Rawalpindi Rams-UBL Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
18-21 Oct Multan Tigers-Port Qasim Multan Cricket Stadium Multan
  Karachi Dolphins-SNGPL National Stadium Karachi
  Rawalpindi Rams-NBP Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
  Peshawar Panthers-WAPDA Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar
  Lahore Lions-ZTBL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  Islamabad Leopards-UBL Diamond  Ground Islamabad
24-27 Oct Lahore Lions-SNGPL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  Islamabad Leopards-NBP Diamond  Ground Islamabad
  Multan Tigers-WAPDA Multan Cricket Stadium Multan
  Karachi Dolphins-ZTBL National Stadium Karachi
  Rawalpindi Rams-Port Qasim Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
  Peshawar Panthers-UBL Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar
30Oct-2Nov Peshawar Panthers-Port Qasim Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar
  Rawalpindi Rams-ZTBL Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
  Karachi Dolphins-WAPDA National Stadium Karachi
  Multan Tigers-NBP Multan Cricket Stadium Multan
  Lahore Lions-UBL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  Islamabad Leopards-SNGPL Diamond  Ground Islamabad
06-09 Nov Karachi Dolphins-NBP National Stadium Karachi
  Multan Tigers-UBL Multan Cricket Stadium Multan
  Peshawar Panthers-ZTBL Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar
  Islamabad Leopards-WAPDA Diamond  Ground Islamabad
  Rawalpindi Rams-SNGPL Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
  Lahore Lions-Port Qasim Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
12-15 Nov Peshawar Panthers-SNGPL Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar
  Lahore Lions-NBP Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  Karachi Dolphins-UBL National Stadium Karachi
  Islamabad Leopards-Port Qasim Diamond  Ground Islamabad
  Multan Tigers-ZTBL Multan Cricket Stadium Multan
  Rawalpindi Rams-WAPDA Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
18-21 Nov SNGPL-UBL Marghazar Ground Islamabad
  NBP-WAPDA Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
  ZTBL-Port Qasim National Ground Islamabad
  Islamabad Leopards-Rawalpindi Rams Diamond  Ground Islamabad
  Karachi Dolphins-Multan Tigers Multan Cricket Stadium Multan
  Lahore Lions-Peshawar Panthers Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
24-27 Nov NBP-UBL Diamond Ground Islamabad
  ZTBL-SNGPL Marghazar Ground Islamabad
  WAPDA-Port Qasim Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  Karachi Dolphins-Lahore Lions LCCA Ground Lahore
  Rawalpindi Rams-Multan Tigers Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
  Peshawar Panthers-Islamabad Leopards Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar
30Nov-3Dec UBL-PQA Gaddafi Stadium Lahore
  NBP-SNGPL Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad
  ZTBL-WAPDA Multan Cricket Ground Multan
  Islamabad Leopards-Karachi Dolphins Diamond Ground Islamabad
  Rawalpindi Rams-Peshawar Panthers Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi
  Lahore Lions-Multan Tigers LCCA Ground Lahore
06-09 Dec UBL-WAPDA UBL Ground No.1 Karachi
  SNGPL-Port Qasim Arabian Sea Country Club Karachi
  NBP-ZTBL NBP Stadium Karachi
  Multan Tigers-Islamabad Leopards Multan Cricket Ground Multan
  Lahore Lions-Rawalpindi Rams Niaz Stadium Hyderabad
  Karachi Dolphins-Peshawar Panthers National Stadium Karachi
12-15 Dec UBL-ZTBL UBL Ground No.1 Karachi
  WAPDA-SNGPL Arabian Sea Country Club Karachi
  NBP-Port Qasim NBP Stadium Karachi
  Lahore Lions-Islamabad Leopards National Stadium Karachi
  Karachi Dolphins-Rawalpindi Rams Niaz Stadium Hyderabad
  Peshawar Panthers-Multan Tigers Multan Cricket Ground Multan
22-26 Dec Final  


Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Silver 2014-2015 (Sponsored by Haier)
Date Matches Venue
12-15 Oct Karachi Zebras-PIA NBP Stadium Karachi
  Hyderabad Hawks-PTV Niaz Stadium Hyderabad
  Lahore Eagles-KRL LCCA Ground Lahore
18-21 Oct Hyderabad Hawks-PIA Niaz Stadium Hyderabad
  Karachi Zebras-PTV NBP Stadium Karachi
  Quetta Bears-KRL KRL Stadium Rawalpindi
24-27 Oct Lahore Eagles-PIA LCCA Ground Lahore
  Quetta Bears-PTV National Ground Islamabad
  Karachi Zebras-KRL UBL Ground No.1 Karachi
30Oct-2Nov Quetta Bears-PIA National Ground Islamabad
  Hyderabad Hawks-KRL Niaz Stadium Hyderabad
  Lahore Eagles-PTV LCCA Ground Lahore
06-09 Nov Karachi Zebras-Hyderabad Hawks UBL Ground No.1 Karachi
  Lahore Eagles-Quetta Bears LCCA Ground Lahore
  KRL-PTV KRL Stadium Rawalpindi
12-15 Nov Lahore Eagles-Karachi Zebras LCCA Ground Lahore
  Hyderabad Hawks-Quetta Bears Niaz Stadium Hyderabad
  PIA-KRL KRL Stadium Rawalpindi
18-21 Nov Karachi Zebras-Quetta Bears NBP Stadium Karachi
  Lahore Eagles-Hyderabad Hawks LCCA Ground Lahore
  PIA-PTV Jinnah Stadium Sialkot
Date Matches Venue
12-15 Oct Sialkot Stallions-HBL Jinnah Stadium Sialkot
  Faisalabad Wolves-State Bank Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad
  Bahawalpur Stags-SSGC Dring Stadium Bahawalpur
18-21 Oct Abbottabad Falcons-HBL Abbottabad Stadium 
  Bahawalpur Stags-State Bank Dring Stadium Bahawalpur
  Faisalabad Wolves-SSGC Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad
24-27 Oct Faisalabad Wolves-HBL Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad
  Abbottabad Falcons-State Bank Abbottabad Stadium 
  Sialkot Stallions-SSGC Jinnah Stadium Sialkot
30Oct-2Nov Bahawalpur Stags-HBL Dring Stadium Bahawalpur
  Sialkot Stallions-State Bank Jinnah Stadium Sialkot
  Abbottabad Falcons-SSGC Abbottabad Stadium 
06-09 Nov HBL-State Bank Marghazar Ground Islamabad
  Bahawalpur Stags-Sialkot Stallions Jinnah Stadium Sialkot
  Faisalabad Wolves-Abbottabad Falcons Abbottabad Stadium 
12-15 Nov HBL-SSGC Marghazar Ground Islamabad
  Faisalabad Wolves-Sialkot Stallions Jinnah Stadium Sialkot
  Bahawalpur Stags-Abbottabad Falcons Dring Stadium Bahawalpur
18-21 Nov State Bank-SSGC Sports Stadium Sargodha
  Sialkot Stallions-Abbottabad Falcons Abbottabad Stadium
  Bahawalpur Stags-Faisalabad Wolves Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad
Quarter Finals    
23-26 Nov No.1 of Group-I Vs No.4 of Group-II  
  No.1 of Group-II Vs No.4 of Group-I  
  No.2 of Group-I Vs No.3 of Group-II  
  No.2 of Group-II Vs No.3 of Group-I  
Semi Finals    
28Nov-1Dec Winner of QF-1 Vs Winner of QF-3  
  Winner of QF-2 Vs Winner of QF-4  
03-07 Dec Final