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In our latest edition of the Talent Spotter, we bring you an in depth interview with Fahad Iqbal. Fahad who recently featured in the QEA trophy final for PIA, has the unique honour of being related to the all time Pakistani great - Javed Miandad. In this interview he tells us about his initiation into the world of cricket, the role of his uncle in his development as well as his aspirations.

By Anum Rehman (4th January, 2012) How did your cricket career get started?

Fahad Iqbal: Well, I used to watch my uncle (Javed Miandad) play a lot. Then I also used to accompany Faisal (Iqbal) bhai to the ground and so developed an interest. Once, I found out that trials were taking place for Pakistan Under 15 at the National Stadium in Karachi. I got selected there and then Faisal Bhai started to support me. In 2000 I played in Asia cup Malaysia and then the World Cup in England in 2000 – that’s how my career really started. When did you make your FC debut?

Fahad Iqbal: I did my debut in FC in 2003 for Pakistan Customs which had Jalaludin as coach. He also happened to be the coach for Karachi Under 19. He used to run the Customs and I topped there in Pakistan. So in that season, I played in the First-class team and on debut, I got run out after making around 73 or 75 runs. And then after that, I think in the year 2005 or 2006, I debuted from Karachi for the First-class team and I scored a 100 runs. So when you started playing cricket, then you of course used to look at Javed Miandad. Apart from him though, which other favourite cricketers did you have at that time [when you were new to cricket]?

Fahad Iqbal: At that time, I used to watch Steve Waugh the most with eagerness. I used to admire his batting quite a lot and along with him, Damien Martyn. I used to follow the Australian side a lot. What is your favourite shot?

Fahad Iqbal: My own favourite shot? I like the straight drive quite a lot. If one looks at your performance, then the previous seasons weren’t that good as compared to the current season. What changes did you make to achieve this?

Fahad Iqbal: I just, I mean when I started with PIA First-class cricket, then in both seasons, Masha’Allah I finished one season with an average of 55 and the other season, I finished that with an average of 65. In the last two seasons, I wasn’t able to perform that well so I focused a lot on that.